Fish Feed Hammer Mill AMS360 with 150-250kg/h capacity

  Posted: 22.03.17



This fish feed crusher is a hammer grinding machine used for processing fish feed raw materials into small pieces with proper sizes to help further process. And we are the expert in designing and manufacturing several fish feed crushing machine for your choice.

Fish Feed Hammer Mill Working Principle
1.The raw material enters into crushing chamber through feed hopper, and it is broken by hammer hit with high-seed rotation.
2.Under the drive of airflow, the broken material is moving along the rotor outer-edge and has a continuous collision and friction against the hammer, toothed plate and sieve, and then the broken material is crushed.
3.The particle after crushing is delivered into storage bags or bins through sieve under the centrifugal pressure of rotor and the suction force of working fan.

Fish Feed Hammer Mill Parameter
Model: AMS360
Principal Axis Rotation Rate(min/n): 4000
Rotor Working Diameter(mm): 360
Hammer Quantity: 16
Capacity: 150-250kg/h
Power: 5.5-7.5kw

Fish feed hammer mill:



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