Feed Pellet Cooler SKLN1.5 with 3t/h

  Posted: 27.03.17



This counter flow pellet cooler is widely used to cool finished pellets with high temperature or high humidity. It adopts counter flow cooling theory, and pellets can be cooled completely and evenly through the machine, which is good for the pellet packing and storage. The advantages is energy saving, easy to operate, preferred choice for most users of feed and wood pellets plant.

Counterflow Pellet Cooler Features
1. The counter flow cooling principle is adopted to cool the pellets with high temperature and moisture.
2. It adopts air-lock valve for feeding and ensures a large air inlet area.
3. Special rotary product distributing mechanism.
4. it can cool the pellets without residue.
5. it can cool the pellets without residue.
6. Low power consumption, easy operation
7. It can reduce the temperature of pellets and make it good for pellet packaging and storage.

Parameters of Cooler Machine
Model: SKLN1.5
Volume(m³): 1.5
Capacity(t/h): 3
Cooling time(min): Less than 10-15 Mins
Temperature after Cooling: Not higher than ambient temperature +3-5°C
Aspiration(m³/min.t): 34
Power(kw): 0.75
Power of Airlock (kw): 0.55

Fish Feed Pellet Cooler: http://www.fishfeedmachine.com/product/fish-feed-pellet-cooler.html



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